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HYDERABAD is the capital of two states TELANGANA and ANDHRA PRADESH. Which is also know as the CITY OF PEARLS. This is one of the most popular tourist destination of the country. It reveals the rich cultural heritage of the past. So let’s start your journey with some of these ancient places like….

CHARMINAR:-This is one of the biggest star attracion of HYDERABAD. CHARMINAR is a monument and mosque located in the city. It was built in 1591 by MOHAMMED QULI QUTUB SHAH. The design and architectur of this place depicts the culture of NIZAM SHAHI reign in south INDIA. There is also a temple named BHAGYALAKSHMI which is located at the base of CHARMINAR. Even this place is included in top ten HISTORICAL PLACE. So must visit this place.

SALAR JUNG MUSEUM:-This museum is one of the three NATIONAL MUSEUM of INDIA. It is situated in the southern bank of the RIVER MUSI. This museum contains the heavy collection of NIZAM’S guns, swords ,cars and clothes of NIZAMS. You can also see the collection of canesy,European and Indian paintings, Japanese and Chinese culture, musical clock and amazing sculpture. So must visit this one of the finest museum of INDIA.

GOLCONDA:-This fort is located in the Western part of HYDERABAD. This fort was the ancient kingdom of GOLCONDA which flourished in the 14th to 16th century. This is a great example of architectur. This is a place from where world’s biggest diamond KOHINOOR was fined. GOLCONDA means the shepherds land because it was originally existed where people grazes their sheep’s. Then it was transformed to a magnificent fort by the QUTUB SHAH dynasty. It is a huge for spread across a very large area. It also has a very big staircase to take u to the top of the fort. So must visit this historical place of HYDERABAD.

HUSSAIN SAGAR:-It is a beautiful man-made lake in HYDERABAD, built by HAZRAT HUSSAIN SHAH WALI in 1562,It is spread across an area of 5.7square km. This lake is one of the famous tourist attracion in HYDERABAD. One of the world’s tallest monolithic statues of the BUDDHA stands on the ROCK GIBRALTAR in the middle of the lake. You can also enjoy boating and water sports at this lake .Lake looks more beautiful in the evening with colourful lights. So must visit this lake with your family and friends.

CHOWMAHALLA:-This is one of the most beautiful Royal palace in INDIA. This palace was the official residence of the NIZAMS in HYDERABAD. It is an old palace where antique items used by rulers of HYDERABAD are kept. It includes several object like dresses, furniture, rifles, beautiful gardens, paintings, war equipment and vintage cars. In short it is a good place to visit and experience the royalty of how NIZAM’S lived. So if you are in HYDERABAD must visit this place.

MECCA MASJID:-This is one of the oldest and largest masjid in HYDERABAD. It is really a wonderful piece of architectur. It is a mosque where not only Muslims but also Hindus want to visit. So you also visit this holy place of HYDERABAD.

BIRLA MANDIR:-This temple is situated on a hillock and dedicated to LORD BALA JI. It has got beautiful architectur and a good view from top of the temple. You can sit and relax there, meditate there .So must visit this iconic LANDMRK in HYDERABAD.

Other visiting places….






In short HYDERABAD is a treat for LOVERS OF HISTORY, art, palaces, mosques, shopping, expensive jewelry and speacilly SHAHI FOOD. So plan to visit this beautiful city.

Hope you like and enjoy this place… Thanks.

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